Audit Services

We offer our Clients the following range of services:

  • Audit of the financial-economic activity of companies (organizations) according to national standards.

The main goal of the audit of financial-economic activity is to confirm the accuracy and reliability of the Client’s financial statements and reports and provide our own opinion on whether the reports reflect all the material aspects of assets, liabilities and financial results of the Client’s annual operation based on Moldovan law requirements.

Upon completion, the audit results shall be issued as:

- The auditor's opinion;
- Written information and a letter on management-related issues.

  • Tax Audit

The main purpose of the tax audit is to identify and possibly address any violation of the Moldovan tax laws within legal norms of the laws in force and carry out an assessment of the current accounting system and document workflow.

Upon completion, the audit results shall be issued as:

- Written information (Audit Statement) stating all identified violations, deficiencies, errors, and anticipated risks, as well as recommendations to address them and improve the accounting system;

- A letter on issues related to the  Client’s activity.

We are also available to offer the following additional audit services:

  • Audit of accounting sections:
- audit of share capital;
- audit of accounts receivable;
- audit of accounts payable;
- audit of revenues and expenses;
- inventory;
- other sections.
  • Audit of personnel and payroll.


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